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Knowledge-intensive services (KIS) are indispensible for the innovativeness of Europe. The way they create, utilize and reproduce knowledge across enterprises and sectors creates positive externalities and spill-over effects for the regions and the whole economy.

In PROSESC project, we focus on a specific subset of KIS, namely the type of services that are integral to the development and production of the means for sustainable road transport, which come in increasingly diverse forms: from two-wheelers to e-vehicles to articulated fuel-cell busses.


Good Practices identified by the PROSESC Project


Policy recommendations for european and national policy making

The services that interest us cover a broad span of areas, too: product-design, R&D, engineering and IT-services, all the way to specialized logistics. The enterprises concerned, which are more often than not SMEs, deliver a complex ecosystem of enabling services that accelerate the absorption rate of innovative technologies by the automotive sector. Being so close to production activities, such services are called “producer services”, hence the title of our project: “Producer Services for European Sustainability and Competitiveness”.

We believe that the European regions have the know-how, experience and innovation capacity to develop the innovative and complex mobility solutions for future road transport. PROSESC aims to contribute by raising the awareness as to the significance of producer services for Europe and by assisting regional authorities to identify, develop and share proactive strategies to improve the public support for such services and the enterprises that provide them.

Ultimately, we would like to assist the creation of innovation environments that will take us closer to our common goals on sustainable transport and well-being in Europe.


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